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All kinds of model design and manufacture, mould making


Yangzhou Sandakan Model Technology Co., Ltd.. was established in Dongguan in 2010, has been committed to the development of high-end domestic and foreign train model, production and manufacturing. The company has the industry experienced design and development, mold design and manufacturing, electronic circuit board design and development of outstanding team. Provide the most convenient and best service for the domestic and international model players and the sales company In 2015, the company moved from the domestic well-known tourist destination in Yangzhou, as always, to provide the best products for domestic and foreign customers. Sandakan Yangzhou Model Technology Co., Ltd. each team, both from the China National Railway model manufacturing Large Firm of senior engineering and technical personnel, service has been well-known in the train model companies such as: RIZE, BRAWA, MARKLIN, to predict and improve the product in the manufacturing process can be a problem, in order to avoid due to lack of experience and lead to product in the manufacturing engineering caused by rework or product can not guarantee the quality of the product. In recent years, due to the increase in domestic production costs, resulting in some of the large model plant, so that some customers suffer from small losses, due to the failure of the strength of the manufacturers, some customers are not too understanding of the industry's production environment, so many customers will not have much expertise in the production of manufacturers, resulting in product quality and delivery is not guaranteed, so as to affect the normal development of the train model.


All kinds of model design and manufacture, mould making


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